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Frequently asked questions

How can I return the goods?

To return an item free of charge, you have 30 days from the date of receipt. Feel free to contact our customer service and we will be happy to give you instructions and provide you with a free return label. 

 What is the difference between the white and orange sides on the Visco Junior model? 

1) MEDIUM side, white: Highly elastic, resilient cold foam in white with a drop-shaped cross-section increases the elasticity of the mattress and dissipates excess heat,

2) SOFT side, orange: 3 cm layer of highly elastic Visco foam with special wave profiles and ventilation channels for maximum relaxation and deep, healthy sleep.

Which mattress is more suitable for newborns and children under 3 years? Visco Baby or Visco Junior? 

We recommend a Visco Baby mattress for newborns. This mattress has an extra core of yellow foam that supports the spine and provides air circulation. The firm edges on the sides ensure that the mattress remains stable even during intensive use.

How long before first use should the mattress be aired?

It is recommended to air the mattress for 12 hours before first use. Our mattresses do not have a strong chemical smell, it is just a matter of airing them after transport.

Are the mattresses anti-sufficiency?

Our mattresses do not have any special anti-suffocation protection. For very small children, we therefore recommend the Visco baby mattress, which is constructed in a similar way to a hammock so that it is more difficult for the child to turn over on its stomach.

 What is the maximum weight for each mattress model?

Visco Baby: up to 40 kg

Visco Junior: up to 70

Aero: up to 20kg

Premium: up to 30kg

Prima: up to 20kg

Travel: up to 30kg

What is the right age for each mattress model? 

Aero model : from birth

Visco Baby: yellow side from birth to 2 years, orange side from 3+ years.

Visco Junior - 3+

Models : Travel, Premium, Prima : from the first year of life 

Can I wash the mattress cover?

The mattress cover can be washed at 60 degrees, but the zip must be closed.

Do you also offer mattress covers?

Not yet, but we are working hard to add mattress covers to our offer. They should be available soon.